(hence the name plastered all over this website...)

About six or seven years ago I got into the RC hobby, and like all hobbies I get into, I got into it in a big way. I immediately found that I enjoyed scratch building airplanes. At the peak, I was building at least one new airplane a week. I found it fun and relaxing to design my own plane, poor a stiff drink, and make an evening of rapid prototyping a plane and enjoying a little rum.

Fellow flyers at my club were dumb struck by the fact that I’d post a new set of plans Friday night, and be at the field with a plane on Saturday morning. I was building with fanfold foam and hot glue so the builds went really fast, but when asked “How do you build such a large plane so fast?” I’d simply reply, “It’s easy, you buy a bottle of rum and drink it. Then, you wake up in the morning wondering who built that cool airplane in the living room!” hence the name Rumbuilder was born.

- Matt

I started flying when I was 12 years old, at the North Texas Aeromodelers club in Denton TX. My dad and I were driving past the park and I saw the model airplanes flying and asked if we could go look. Not only did I marvel at the airplanes, but one of the club members named Peter Spink offered to let me fly on a buddy box. I was hooked. Peter helped me build my first airplane, a SuperSportster 60, and of course put an oversized engine on it.

I flew nitro planes for about 7 or 8 years until I lost interest for a while. I picked it back many years later around the time that I met Matt, and at a time when electrics had started to dominate the market. Prices were low, equipment and planes were readily available, so I jumped back in. Most of my scratch builds to start were flying wings, using DTFB, but I picked up a few foamies and others along the way. Matt asked for some help with a few technical things for his dream of Rumbuilder, and at the time, I was bored, so naturally I jumped right in.

- Adam

So now what?

We've decided to try and continue our passion for flying. We want to keep doing insanse challenges in the skies, and getting more people involved in the hobby. We think it's great that the technology and pricing has come down to a point where literally anyone can get flying, and have a hobby that's enjoyable and relaxing - until you hit the ground at least. Rumbuilder is working on low cost airplane kits that are easy to build, easy to fly, and look great in the air.

We are excited about growing and becoming a part of the RC community. The people in the RC world have always been willing to help us out, and we want to return the favor. We've attended several events since 2016, such as Wings Over Apache Pass, Apache Pass Icehouse Fly-In, and Flite Fest Texas 2018 just to name a few. We're super proud to have been added as a vendor at all the Apache Pass RC events, and have been involved as a sponsor as well.

We've already released our first model, a 71" Profile B-17 bomber, and we just announced our 50" Micro Bus! We have many more in the works including a 100" B-29, 59.5" PT-17 Stearman biplane, and several others that will be announced soon.

We're glad you stopped by, and can't wait to help get you in the air!

- The Rumbuilder Team