Rocket Cuda

For those of you that have been following our YouTube channel, we've been hard at work with this one. We were messing with some model rockets a few months back, and thought it'd be fun to strap a rocket to a plane. Adam had worked with DIY rocket fuel in the past, and we figured we'd do just that. Since Adam had gotten a model rocket to 200+ mph, we figured we'd try and one-up that.

We realized that we'd need a plane, so we reached out to our friends at and they gave us permission to use one of their Cuda models. However, we didn't want to destroy an amazing airplane right out of the gate, so we got permission to make Dollar Tree foam versions of the Cuda for testing.

So far, we've hit around 140-150mph off of D and E size Estes motors. Matt decided it would be a good idea to ask if we could attempt a 300mph rocket powered pass at Icehouse Fly-In, and the staff there said "not only is that allowed, but now you HAVE to do it!" Laines jumped onboard and sponsored us with two foam Cuda kits for us to play with.

Now we've had flights with F15-6 motors... and we've hit close to 225mph! We are still working toward our goal of 300mph, and we're stepping up to dual motor Rocket Cuda's and hoping to hit our goal soon. We did a few flights at Icehouse, but had... well, a few issue. (See YouTube). We're also launching from the air on our Mother Bear, which you can learn more about on our Projects page.

We also had an awesome opportunity to put... wait for it... Josh Bixler on the controls of a ground launched Rocket Cuda at Flight Fest Texas 2018!!

Check out our latest Rocket Cuda and Bixler's Rocket Cuda flight on yt_logo_rgb_light.png