Introducing the Mother Bear

While we HAVE done ground launches of the Rocket Cuda, we prefer to air launch them. Cuda's are naturally high speed, and they don't like to take off from the ground as well as you might think. As you can tell from some of our YouTube videos, they also don't like to release cleanly off of a Flying School Bus. So, we're building a plane just for giving Rocket Cuda's a lift. We call her the Mother Bear.

It's kind of a B-52 meets Antonov meets... um... we're not sure. But it's being built specifically for launching things off it's back, and who knows... we might add rockets to it too! JATO's would certainly be fun on takeoff, no? Well, we've flown her, and she's got WAYYY more power than we need. Check out yt_logo_rgb_light.png, we'll be posting our video of some flights and Rocket Cuda launches from Apache Pass Icehouse 2018!