100" Profile B-29 Bomber

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The 100 inch B-29 is HERE!!! Get into a giant scale profile foamy today!! The big brother to the 71" B-17 sports a two piece 100" wing, and is strong as an ox!  This may be the least expensive way to own a giant scale RC, and it flies like a trainer, hand launch, and belly lander, It's pretty much an 8+ foot park flyer.

Our B-29 is yet another puzzle-piece rapid build kit, designed to get you in the air fast. Bring Your Own Electronics, and you can be in the air in less than an hour. In our tests, air-frame construction can be as little as 25-30 minutes! Assembly is fast and easy with only hot glue, and extreme packing tape. Components only fit one way, and only in one place so don't worry about getting anything wrong!

We've flown them, and if you attended Flight Fest Texas 2018, you got to see a sneak preview of the prototype in flight! With our final update, it flies better than ever, features a TWO PIECE removable wing, with removable spars, a KF2 wing for tons of lift, and fits into the trunk of a Ford Mustang with ONE rear seat down. 

Available! Get One!

  • USPS, usually 3-5 day shipping. USPS, usually 3-5 day shipping.


  • Wingspan - 100"
  • Fuselage Length - 67"
  • Airframe Weight(empty) - <2.5 lbs
  • Assembled Weight(plus electronics) - < 5 lbs


  • 2 Motor - (We've never tried 2 motors...)
  • 4 Motor - 28/12 or larger.
  • Props - 9x6 ish (we like the 9x4.7 slow fly props)
  • ESC - follow motor recommended specs
  • Batteries - 2x 2200mah 3S

Kit Includes:

  • CNC Cut, Unpainted Foam Airframe
  • 4x Motor Mounts
  • 5x Laser Cut Control Horns
  • 5x Z-bend Pushrods
  • 4x Wing Spars
  • 1x spine spar
  • 1x belly spar
  • 1x tail spar
  • 1x Wing Attachment Set
  • Step-by-Step Instructions

(4x bolts, 4x nuts, and 8x nylon washers)

Click HERE for Assembly PDF.

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